Coloring Books for Kids

Justice4pakids is proud to release its new coloring book “Keep Your Body Safe” for children ages 5-8 to help teach kids about Body Safety. Please text us at 484-325-4092 to order your coloring book today!

“Keep Your Body Safe” coloring book was written and reviewed by the following:

Elizabeth Pitts, Esq. is a former Chester County District Attorney prosecutor.  For the majority of her 20 year career with the DA’s Office, Ms. Pitts investigated and prosecuted hundreds of child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence cases.  Ms. Pitts, along with other Pennsylvania attorneys and social service professionals, brought Child First Pennsylvania, a five day forensic interview training program, to the Commonwealth.  This child interviewing technique is currently being taught and utilized throughout Pennsylvania and nationwide. Using principles derived from this training on how to talk to children about child abuse, Ms. Pitts and her former trial partner and fellow Child First Pennsylvania faculty member, Kim Callahan, Esq. helped to compose portions of this coloring book using language directed toward communicating with children.   Ms. Pitts and Ms. Callahan spent hundreds of hours interviewing children and learning about how to approach this very important but delicate topic using child friendly, focused, non-leading, and age appropriate questions and words.  The results were often remarkable when children were able to find the words and ways to communicate their experiences. Ms. Pitts is currently employed with Swarthmore College as an Associate Director heading up Title IX investigations into sexual assaults on campus. 

Ms. Callahan worked for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office for fifteen years and also specialized in investigating and prosecuting child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence cases. Callahan is now the Associate Director for Investigations at Haverford and Bryn Mawr College. 

Dr. Marita Lind, MD. Dr. Lind is a board certified child abuse pediatrician at the CARES Institute in Stratford, New Jersey. The center is the only dedicated diagnostic and treatment center for children with suspected maltreatment serving the seven southern counties of New Jersey. Dr. Lind treats children suffering from sexual abuse, physical abuse and medical neglect. She provides training to medical students, family practice and pediatric resident physicians. Dr. Lind is a graduate of La Salle University. She received her medical degree in 1992 from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2008, she received an honorary doctoral degree from LaSalle University.

Mariah Fenton Gladis, MSS, QCSW, is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training. An internationally renowned workshop leader and trainer, Mariah has more than 35 years experience as a psychotherapist and Gestalt Trainer. Mariah has received numerous awards and honors. In 2005, she was named Social Worker of the Year in the State of Pennsylvania. She has treated hundreds of victims of child sexual abuse, helping them to transition from victim to survivor.

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